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The Hillman Prize Previous Honorees

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Yearsort icon Category Honoree Title Publisher/Airer Winner's Page
1973 Book Jervis Anderson A. Philip Randolph: A Biographical Portrait
1973 Book Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. The Imperial Presidency
1973 Book Alexamder Solzhenitsyn Special Award
1973 Newspaper Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele investigative reporting The Philadelphia Inquirer
1973 Magazine Richard L. Strout for his columns, signed TRB The New Republic
1973 Magazine Paul Brodeur Annals of Industry: Casualties of the Workplace The New Yorker
1973 Broadcast Paul Altmeyer Freedom & Security: The Uncertain Balance Westinghouse Broadcasting Company
1972 Book Frances FitzGerald Fire in the Lake
1972 Newspaper Carl Bernstein & Robert Woodward the Watergate investigation The Washington Post
1972 Magazine Frank J. Donner & Eugene Cerruti The Grand Jury Network The Nation
1972 Broadcast Lucy Jarvis What Price Health? NBC-TV
1971 Book Morton Mintz & Jerry S. Cohen America Inc.
1971 Newspaper Alfred Friendly Victims of the Great American Red Hunt The Washington Post
1971 Newspaper Neil Sheehan The Pentagon Papers The New York Times
1971 Magazine Carolyn See, Kenneth Lasson, William Serrin, Robert Coles and Richard Todd Work in America The Atlantic Monthly
1971 Broadcast Martin Carr This Child Is Rated X NBC-TV
1970 Book Ramsey Clark Crime in America
1970 Newspaper John Kifner series on the Kent State tragedy The New York Times
1970 Magazine Christopher H. Pyle articles on Army surveillance of political activity The Washington Monthly
1970 Broadcast Ronn Bonn & Walter Cronkite Can the World Be Saved CBS News
1969 Book Congressman Richard McCarthy The Ultimate Folly
1969 Newspaper William J. Eaton The Appearance of Impropriety Chicago Daily News
1969 Magazine Daniel Lang Casualties of War The New Yorker
1969 Broadcast Fred Freed Who Killed Lake Erie? NBC-TV
1968 Book George R. Stewart Not So Rich As You Think