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The Hillman Prize Previous Honorees

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Yearsort icon Category Honoree Title Publisher/Airer Winner's Page
1989 Broadcast Joan Beuckman Home, Street, Home KMOX, CBS Radio, St. Louis, MO
1989 Broadcast Jonathan Kwitny The Kwitny Report WNYC/PBS
1988 Book Neil Sheehan A Bright Shining Lie
1988 Newspaper Anchorage Daily News A People in Peril Anchorage Daily News
1988 Magazine Robert Scheer The Man Who Blew the Whistle on 'Star Wars' Los Angeles Times Magazine
1988 Broadcast Marilyn V. DeAngelis Child Care: Everybody's Baby WLV I-TV56, Boston, MA
1988 Broadcast National Public Radio, News & Information Division In recognition of far-reaching and creative news coverage, "All Things Considered," "Morning Edition" and "Weekend Edition"
1987 Book Raymond Bonner Waltzing With a Dictator
1987 Newspaper The Journal The Unfinished Dream (Lorain Ohio)
1987 Magazine Jerry Adler Every Parent's Nightmare Newsweek
1987 Broadcast KMOX Radio, CBS affiliate, St. Louis, MO "The High Cost of Growing Old," Joan Beuckman, and " Truth or Consequences," Margie Manning KMOX Radio
1987 Broadcast Public Affairs Television, Inc. In Search of the Constitution
1986 Book Robert S. McNamara Blundering Into Disaster
1986 Newspaper Henry Weinstein, Thomas H. Maugh II, and Dan Morain for the series Drug Testing on the Job Los Angeles Times
1986 Magazine Conor Cruise O'Brien God and Man in Nicaragua Atlantic Monthly
1986 Broadcast CBS Reports The Vanishing Family - Crisis in Black America CBS-TV
1986 Broadcast William Drummond Vale of Tears: The Legacy of Silicon Valley National Public Radio
1985 Book Joseph Lelyveld Move Your Shadow: South Africa, Black and White
1985 Newspaper Series Writers The American Millstone Chicago Tribune
1985 Magazine Daniel Ford The Button The New Yorker
1985 Broadcast William Peters A Class Divided Yale University Films; FRONTLINE, WGBH, Boston, MA
1985 Broadcast Jane Elliott A Class Divided (Honorary Award) Yale University Films, FRONTLINE, WGBH, Boston, MA
1984 Book Strobe Talbott Deadly Gambits
1984 Newspaper The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News Freedom Summer: A Generation Later The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News
1984 Magazine Harrison E. Salisbury, special SHF Officers' Award The Strange Correspondence of Morris Ernst and John Edgar Hoover The Nation