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The Hillman Prize Previous Honorees

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Yearsort icon Category Honoree Title Publisher/Airer Winner's Page
1995 Book Fox Butterfield All God Go
1995 Book Nelson Lichtenstein The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor (Distinguished Honorable Mention) Go
1995 Newspaper Chris Kelley for the series Whither the Cities? The Dallas Morning News
1995 Magazine Eric Schlosser In the Strawberry Fields The Atlantic Monthly Go
1995 Broadcast Hedrick Smith Across the River WETA-TV
1994 Book James Traub City on a Hill: Testing the American D ream at City College Go
1994 Newspaper Jim Morris for the series Worked to Death Houston Chronicle
1994 Magazine Aaron Bernstein Inequality andWhy America Needs Unions Business Week
1994 Broadcast Andrew Tkach Of Human Bondage: Slavery Today ABC News, "Turning Point"
1993 Book William Chafe Never Stop Running: Allard Lowenstein and the Struggle to Save American Liberalism Go
1993 Newspaper Eileen Welsome for the series The Plutonium Experiment The Albuquerque Tribune
1993 Magazine Team: Eric Bates, Adam Feuerstein, Mike Hudson, Rita Henley Jensen, and Barry Yeoman Poverty, Inc. Southern Exposure
1993 Broadcast Ofra Bikel Innocence Lost: The Verdict, FRONTLINE, WGBH-TV Go
1992 Book Ray Marshall & Marc Tucker Thinking for a Living: Education and the Wealth of Nations Go
1992 Newspaper Nancy Stancill for the series Slaves to the Sale Houston Chronicle
1992 Magazine Jonathan Schlefer What Price Economic Growth? The Atlantic Monthly
1992 Broadcast John McChesney Morning Edition - U.S. Manufacturing Series National Public Radio
1992 Broadcast Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz Dateline: Wal-Mart's Buy American NBC-TV
1991 Book Nicholas Lemann The Promised Land
1991 Newspaper Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele for the series America: What Went Wrong? The Philadelphia Inquirer
1991 Magazine Laurie Udesky Punishing the Poor Southern Exposure
1991 Broadcast California Working Group This Far By Faith
1991 Broadcast Gary Covino David Duke: An Investigative Report SOUNDPRINT
1990 Book Andrew Revkin The Burning Season
1990 Newspaper The Detroit Free Press for the series Workers at Risk The Detroit Free Press