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The Hillman Prize Previous Honorees

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Yearsort icon Category Honoree Title Publisher/Airer Winner's Page
2006 Broadcast Craig Cheatham, Jim Thomas, and Marty Van Housen La Oroya KMOV-TV, St Louis
2006 Photography Hector Amezcua and Tom Knudson Los Piñeros: Men of the Pines Sacramento Bee
2006 Blog Joshua Micah Marshall Coverage of Social Security Issues Talking Points Memo Go
2005 Book Jason DeParle American Dream Go
2005 Newspaper Peter G. Gosselin The New Deal Los Angeles Times
2005 Magazine Sarah Karp Our Next Generation The Chicago Reporter Go
2005 Broadcast Greg Barker Ghosts of Rwanda PBS Frontline Go
2005 Photography Los Angeles Times Award for Overall Excellence Los Angeles Times
2004 Book David Von Drehle Triangle Go
2004 Newspaper Nancy Cleeland, Abigail Goldman, Evelyn Iritani and Tyler Marshall The Wal-Mart Effect Los Angeles Times Go
2004 Newspaper David Barstow and Lowell Bergman Dangerous Business New York Times Go
2004 Magazine John Bowe Nobodies The New Yorker Go
2004 Broadcast Brett Shipp, Mark Smith, and Kraig Kirchem State of Denial WFAA-TV Go
2004 Photography Stanley Greene Open Wound: Chechnya 1994-2003 Trolley
2003 Book Steven R. Weisman The Great Tax Wars Go
2003 Newspaper Ellen Schultz & Theo Francis Valued Employees: Worker Dies, Firm Profits Wall Street Journal
2003 Broadcast Ofra Bikel An Ordinary Crime PBS Frontline Go
2003 Photography Don Bartletti and Sonia Nazario Enrique's Journey Los Angeles Times
2002 Book Diane McWhorter Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama, The Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Movement Go
2002 Newspaper David Olinger Seller Beware The Denver Post
2002 Magazine Katherine Boo After Welfare The New Yorker Go
2002 Broadcast Tia Lessin Behind the Labels: Garment Workers on U.S. Saipan Oxygen Network/ Go
2002 Photography Mia Song Poisoned Children: The Legacy of Lead The Star-Ledger
2001 Book Jack Metzgar Striking Steel Go
2001 Newspaper Ellen Schultz selected articles on pension cuts Wall Street Journal