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The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

Sidney's Picks: Supreme Court Rules Against Labor Board

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The Best of the Week’s News


  • Supreme Court makes it harder for NLRB to reinstate workers fired for organizing. (NYT)

  • Dollar Trees are as common as Starbucks, and the retailer is under pressureto improve its terrible safety record. (VA Center for Investigative Journalism)


  • CVS is making generic drugs for children with contaminated water, incorrect doses of medication, and other serious defects. (Bloomberg)


  • Dark money news sites are outpacing local newspapers in swing states. (Axios)

  • Hundreds of police officers sexually abused kids and many dodged prison time. (WaPo)

  • A co-owner of the Calgary Flames paid to subject indigenous children to pseudoscientific brain wave experiments that were supposed to help them see angels. (CBC)