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The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

Sidney's Picks: Making Essential Workers Whole

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 Shana-Kay Henry, a physician’s assistant in New York City holds up a card showing how much she owes in student loans, photo by Bayete Ross Smith, used with kind permission of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project. 

  • Can student debt relief make our essential workers whole? (Guardian/EHRP)
  • How corporate America crushed workers’ rights, and how COVID could revive organized labor. (Bloomberg)
  • Silicon Valley billionaires are terrified of journalists. Good. (Vice) 
  • How Dollar Stores became magnets for murder. (ProPublica/New Yorker) 
  • Schools might be able to reopen safely in the fall, if we shut bars and gyms now. (WaPo) 
  • Over 300 kids have caught COVID-19 in Texas daycares due to lax safety measures. (Texas Tribune)