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Pam Belluck on her New Book "Island Practice"

Pam Belluck, the talented New York Times health reporter who exposed the truth behind Plan B labels, talks about her new book, “Island Practice”:

In her new book, “Island Practice,” the New York Times reporter Pam Belluck tells the story of Dr. Timothy Lepore, a quirky 67-year-old physician who for the past 30 years has been the only surgeon working on the island of Nantucket. But Dr. Lepore (rhymes with peppery) is no ordinary surgeon. Life on an island, even one that has become a summer playground to the rich and famous, requires a certain amount of resourcefulness and flexibility. [NYT]

Dr. Lepore’s ecclectic practice as been full of memorable incidents, like the time he reached into a stab wound to massage a patient’s stopped heart because there was no time to get him off the island.

“Island Practice” has already been optioned for TV by the creators of “24” and “Friday Night Lights.”