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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

August 2021

Sidney's Picks: Nabisco Strike & Ivermectin Wars

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • “We want our pension back”: Nabisco strike goes national, and strikers call for Oreo boycott. (NYT, WBUR)
  • Starbucks workers in Buffalo to form the chain’s first union, and Collectivo becomes the largest unionized chain of coffee shops in the country. (Eater, ITT
  • Vaccination as Solidarity: Building trades union imposes a vaccination mandate on itself. (Prospect)
  • Meet the right wing grifters behind the phony Covid cure that has humans overdosing on horse dewormer and sheep dip. (NBC

Sidney's Picks: Nabisco Strike & A Sketchy Police Algorithm

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An Oreo, Nabisco’s signature product, Mihoda, Creative Commons 2.0.​

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • Workers at all US Nabisco bakeries are now on strike. Workers are fighting for middle class jobs and fair working hours. (Today, Vice, Stranger)
  • Scattershot: How a secret police algorithm based on sketchy science and tweaked by human bias landed a man in jail for murder. (AP)
  • Extremist GOP rep Lauren Boebert introduced legislation to help oil drillers, without disclosing that her husband made $1 million in energy consulting. (WaPo) 
  • Liar’s Remorse: She spread AZ election conspiracy theories, and it ruined her life. (AZ Audit) 
  • South Carolina politicians blow off millions in ethics fines. (Post & Courier)

Sidney's Picks: Extreme Heat & Secret Strategy

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“Heatwave,” by Shane Gorski, Creative Commons 2.0

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • Extreme heat compounds the miseries and dangers of migrant farm work. (Nation)
  • New York Times lawyers accidentally send secret strategy memo to union. (Daily Beast)
  • Caregivers deserve better. (NYT)
  • Thanks to a wonky secret algorithm, sick people can be denied pain medication because they filled scripts for their sick dogs. (Wired)
  • Labor takes aim at proposed  Amazon-MGM merger. (Deadline)

Sidney's Picks Remembering AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (1949-2021)

Best of the Week’s News: