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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

October 2023

Sidney's Picks: News Industry Struggles as Traffic from Big Tech Plummets

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Russell DaviesCreative Commons

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • News industry frets as clicks from Big Tech plummet. (NYT)
  • Elon Musk yanks the NYT’s verification badge as misinformation on Israel-Hamas war spreads unchecked. (WaPo/NYT)
  • New California law raises minimum wage for health care workers to $25 an hour. (CalMatters)
  • Skyrocketing housing costs force professionals to live in their cars. (NYT)
  • Meet Leonard Leo, the man behind the right wing overhaul of the judicial system. (ProPublica/WNYC
  • A $20,000 lectern and a girls’ trip to Paris spark an investigation into Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (40/29 News)

Sidney's Picks: Triangle Fire Memorial Dedicated; UAW Expands Strike

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Triangle Factory Fire memorial, Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition

The Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney's Picks: NYC's Right to Shelter is Under Fire

Sidney’s Picks:

  • New York City tries to dodge its 40-year-old obligation to house migrants. (NYT)
  • NLRB steps up to protect undocumented workers. (Documented)
  • Trump allegedly blabbed critical submarine secrets to a Mar-a-Lago guest who told…basically everyone. (ABC)
  • What did the writers win in the 5-month WGA strike? (Prospect)
  • Repetitive injuries take hidden toll on autoworkers. (Nation)
  • Deliveristas’ wage hike on hold as tech giants win stay of new law. (The City)