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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

July 2022

Sidney’s Picks: RIP David Moberg; Death Row Travesty

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Journalist David Moberg, by Eden, Janine, & JimCreative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney’s Picks: Georgia Organizing Wave Brewing?; Biden on Abortion

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Kevin TrotmanCreative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney's Picks: Starbucks Union-Busting Tactics Exploit Post-Roe Desperation

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Rick CameronCreative Commons.

Best of the Week’s News:

  • Starbucks is dangling an abortion travel benefit in front of organizing workers like a “cat toy.” (Bon Appétit)
  • Production workers on “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy“ unionize. (NPR)
  • Amazon Labor Union takes the fight to Phoenix. (People’s World)
  • How a public university is buckling to a conservative  crusade. (ProPublica)
  • More evidence that Trump planned to lead the mob to the Capitol on January 6. (WaPo)