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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

June 2022

Sidney’s Picks: Starbucks Union Busting Complaint and Billionaires Behaving Badly

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • Starbucks used “an array of illegal tactics” to thwart union drive, NLRB complaint alleges. (CBS)
  • In forensic pathology, racist assumptions can lead to false allegations. (NYT)
  • A billionaire and GOP mega-donor is gaming the tax system. (ProPublica)
  • Gore-Tex heir funded a GOP spy op linked to Blackwater founder Erik Prince. (Mother Jones)
  • Philadelphia Story: An armed society is a mass-shooting society. (Prospect)

Sidney's Picks: White Parents Run Black Teacher Out of Town; Starbucks Union Wins Grow

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Elliott StollerCreative Commons, Starbucks Workers Rally & March, 2022. 

Best of the Week’s News:

What Do Workers Want?; What Does Boudin’s Recall Mean?

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The number of workers in U.S. Starbucks locations that have filed for union elections (11/21-5/22). Via WERN report. 

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • What do workers want? New report has answers. (WERN)
  • California fast food workers strike for better working conditions. (LAT)
  • Private equity, absentee landlords, and weak tenant protection laws make most of Georgia’s affordable housing barely habitable. (AJC)
  • In Limbo at the Airway Inn: Jackson Heights residents displaced by fire wait to return home. (Curbed)
  • San Francisco journalists debunk national media myth-making about the recall of progressive DA Chesa Boudin. (Defector; Mission Local)
  • Sidney-winners making an impact: Detention facility that illegally jailed children will now have oversight. (ProPublica)

Sidney's Picks: Loss, Grief, and the Fight for Free Speech

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x1klimaCreative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News: