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Notes on journalism for the common good
by Lindsay Beyerstein

#Sidney's Picks: LA Hotel Workers Win Their Fight for Fifteen!

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Protip: Tips are No Substitute for Living Wages

Former First Lady of California, Maria Shriver decided to stick up for the beleaguered housekeeping staff at the nation's launching a campaign encouraging hotel patrons to tip housekeeping. The campaign is called "The Envelope, Please."

Of course you should tip! But it's hardly a prescription for economic justice.Continue reading...

People's Climate March Draws Hundreds of Thousands

Up to 400,000 people took to the streets of New York City on Sunday for the People's Climate March, making it the largest environmental protest in history. The march brought together indigenous peoples, organized labor, and many other constituencies, in addition to more traditional environmental activists. Continue reading...

#Sidney's Picks: Trains, Death, & The Scots

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Toronto Star Uncovers Defective Drug Trials

An investigation by the Toronto Star uncovered numerous serious ethical and/or scientific problems with medical trials conducted by Canadian researchers, according to a report published Tuesday:

In 2012, a top Toronto cancer researcher failed to report a respiratory tract infection, severe vomiting and other adverse events. Continue reading...

Your Shirt Off Their Backs: Video and Photos

Video from "Your Shirt Off Their Backs," last Thursday's panel on sweatshops, labor, and the global economy, is now available! Watch highlights from the event, shot and produced by Marc Bussanich of LaborPress. (Click the frame-shaped button on the bottom right corner of the video to watch in full-screen mode.)Continue reading...

Tonight: Your Shirt Off Their Backs, Public Forum on Sweatshops and the Labor Movement

Join us tonight, Thursday the 11th, in Manhattan for "Your Shirt Off Their Backs," a public forum on sweatshops, the labor movement, and the struggles of workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia.