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Notes on journalism for the common good
by Lindsay Beyerstein

Sidney’s Picks: Lead Hurts New York Kids

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Sidney’s Picks: Today's GOP Is the Party of Jefferson Davis

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Spencer Woodman Wins April Sidney for Exposing Amazon's Outrageous Non-compete Agreements

We are very pleased to announce that Spencer Woodman has won the April Sidney Award for exposing the outrageous non-compete agreements that Amazon has been enforcing on its temporary warehouse workers. Woodman found that the mega-retailer was forcing workers to sign 18-month non-compete agreements in order to qualify for a 3-month stint in an Amazon warehouse. The language of the non-compete clause is so sweeping that, if it were enforced, it would appear to bar workers from almost any job anywhere in the world, for a period 6 times longer than they actually worked at Amazon. Continue reading...

Sidney’s Picks: Special War on Women Edition

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Bryan Stevenson to receive inaugural George Barrett Award for Public Interest Law

The Sidney Hillman Foundation is proud to announce that Bryan Stevenson will be the recipient of the inaugural George Barrett Award. This prize goes to an attorney whose work exemplifies the public spirit of the crusading Nashville civil rights attorney George "Citizen" Barrett. Continue reading...

Remembering the Triangle Fire: 104 Years On

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire broke out 114 years ago today, on March 25, 1911. One hundred and forty-six garment workers, mostly immigrant women, died in the blaze. The fire became a catalyst for the nascent labor movement. 

Today, Workers United/SEIU, the New York City Fire Department, and city school children, mark the anniversary at the official commemoration ceremony at the cite of the fire.

11:30am-1:00pm, at Washington Place & Greene Street.

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Sidney’s Picks: NYC Knife Law Jails Union Workers for Their Tools

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Closing Arguments in Trial of Teachers Accused of Cheating on Standardized Tests

The Atlanta Journal Constitution won a 2012 Hillman Prize for exposing a massive teacher cheating ring in Atlanta's schools. The scam has been called the largest academic fraud in U.S. history. Continue reading...

2015 Canadian Hillman Prize Photos: Fifth Anniversary Edition

The fifth annual Canadian Hillman Prize ceremony was a night to remember. See all our photos from Thursday night's event at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

These awards honor excellence in socially conscious Canadian journalism, with a special emphasis on reporting that brings about change for the common good.