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Hillman Prizes

2013 Hillman Prizes

2013 Hillman Prize for Newspaper Journalism

Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe and Michael Hawthorne

“Playing With Fire”

Chicago Tribune

2013 Hillman Prize for Magazine Journalism

Shane Bauer

“No Way Out: A Special Report on Solitary Confinement from Former Hostage Shane Bauer”

Mother Jones/The Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute

2013 Hillman Prize for Broadcast Journalism

Brian Ross, Matthew Mosk, Rhonda Schwartz and Cindy Galli

“Tragedy in Bangladesh”

ABC News

2013 Hillman Prize for Photojournalism

Rick Loomis

“Beyond Seven Billion”

Los Angeles Times

2013 Hillman Prize for Web Journalism

Alison Young and Peter Eisler

“Ghost Factories”

USA Today

2013 Hillman Prize for Opinion & Analysis Journalism

Andrew Sullivan

The Dish