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Clear It With Sidney

Notes on journalism for the common good, by Lindsay Beyerstein

January 2015

Kentucky's Jail-Less Jailers Get Paid to Do Nothing

Kentucky has 41 counties with no county jail, but the state constitution requires all counties to have an elected county jailer. So, 41 county jailers get paid, often handsomely, to do nothing. The highest earner among them pulls down $69,000 a year, but she has no office, no schedule, and no official duties of any kind.

These counties are some of the poorest in the state, but they collectively spend about $2 million dollars a year on salaries for jailers-without-porforlio and their deputies. 

[Photo credit: Grim Santo, Creative Commons.]

Happy New Year, Hillmanistas!

2015 will be a great year for socially conscious journalism. 

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