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Clear it with SidneyHow our blog got its name >

Notes on journalism for the common good
by Lindsay Beyerstein

How our blog got its name

Sidney Hillman was a powerful national figure during the Great Depression, a key supporter of the New Deal, and a close ally of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When the rumor spread that President Roosevelt ordered his party leaders to “clear it with Sidney” before announcing Harry S. Truman as his 1944 running mate, conservative critics turned on the phrase, trumpeting it as proof that the president was under the thumb of “Big Labor.”

Over the years, the phrase lost its sting and became a testament to Hillman's influence.

It's hard to imagine a labor leader wielding that kind clout today, but we like the idea—and we hope Sidney would give thumbs up to our blog.

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Videos from the 2014 Hillman Prize Ceremony Now Available

As promised, all the videos from last week's Hillman Prize ceremony at the Times Center are now available on YouTube. Check them out. 

Coca-Cola Funded Both Sides of the Drunk Driving Wars

Nothing better than the real thing? Well...

Coca-Cola funded Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Public but gave privately to an industry group that campaigned to weaken drunk driving laws, according to private documents obtained by Ryan Grim and Amanda Terkel of Huffington Post. 


[Photo credit: Deus X Florida, Creative Commons.]

#Sidney's Picks: A Tribute to Digby & Fast Food Organizing Going Global

The Best of the Week's NewsContinue reading...

#Hillman2014: Opinion & Analysis: Heather "Digby" Parton

Tonight, the Sidney Hillman Foundation will honor Heather "Digby" Parton with the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion & Analysis Journalism. Digby's blog Hullabaloo has been a fixture in the progressive blogosphere for over a decade. Digby has eloquently opposed injustice and incompetence on issues ranging from the invasion of Iraq to the widening chasm between rich and poor in America. Whatever the topic, Digby approaches her work with a level head and a big heart. Continue reading...

#Hillman2014:Broadcast: "Weed: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports"

Congratulations to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Bud Bultman, Roni Selig, Melissa Dunst Lipman, Carl Graf, and Saundra Young on their Hillman 2014 win for the groundbreaking documentary, "Weed: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports." Watch it in full online.  Continue reading...

#Sidney's Picks: Howard's Adjuncts Vote to Unionize by Margin of >90%

The Best of the Week's NewsContinue reading...

#Hillman2014:Web: "Sea Change: The Pacific's Perilous Turn"

Craig Welch and Steve Ringman have won the 2014 Hillman Prize for Web Journalism for "Sea Change: The Pacific's Perilous Turn," published by the Seattle Times and supported by the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. Continue reading...

#Hillman2014:Magazine: Jonathan Cohn

#Hillman2014: Newspaper: Pat Beall


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