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Clear it with SidneyHow our blog got its name >

Notes on journalism for the common good
by Lindsay Beyerstein

How our blog got its name

Sidney Hillman was a powerful national figure during the Great Depression, a key supporter of the New Deal, and a close ally of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When the rumor spread that President Roosevelt ordered his party leaders to “clear it with Sidney” before announcing Harry S. Truman as his 1944 running mate, conservative critics turned on the phrase, trumpeting it as proof that the president was under the thumb of “Big Labor.”

Over the years, the phrase lost its sting and became a testament to Hillman's influence.

It's hard to imagine a labor leader wielding that kind clout today, but we like the idea—and we hope Sidney would give thumbs up to our blog.

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Your Shirt Off Their Backs: Video and Photos

Video from "Your Shirt Off Their Backs," last Thursday's panel on sweatshops, labor, and the global economy, is now available! Watch highlights from the event, shot and produced by Marc Bussanich of LaborPress. (Click the frame-shaped button on the bottom right corner of the video to watch in full-screen mode.)Continue reading...

#Sidney's Picks: The Fight for 15; Louisiana's Disappearing Boot; Felonious Fashions

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Tonight: Your Shirt Off Their Backs, Public Forum on Sweatshops and the Labor Movement

Join us tonight, Thursday the 11th, in Manhattan for "Your Shirt Off Their Backs," a public forum on sweatshops, the labor movement, and the struggles of workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia. 

Post and Courier Wins Sidney Award for Expose of Domestic Violence in South Carolina

The Post and Courier wins the September Sidney Award for “Till Death Do Us Part,” an investigative multimedia series examining South Carolina’s domestic homicide crisis. This week also marks the twentieth anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, which was signed into law on Sep 13, 1994.Continue reading...

Sidney's Picks: Fast Food Arrests & Construction Tax Rackets

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NY Fast Food Workers Shut Down 42nd St. In Bid for Living Wage

Hillman Prize-winning journalist Steven Greenhouse reports on today's fast food worker demonstrations in New York City, and across the country: Continue reading...

The Fight Against Slavery in Mauritiana Continues

Alexis Okeowo tells the story of Biram Dah Abeid and his crusade to abolish slavery in his home country of Mauritiana. Abeid is the founder of the country's largest anti-slavery organization, and he will stop at nothing to get slave owners arrested:Continue reading...

#Sidney's Picks: Teacher Tenure, Mail-Order Abortions, and Mutant Ebola

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How Exactly Did We Drive Off This Cliff?

As Labor Day approaches, Hillman Judge Harold Meyerson asks where it all went wrong for the global economy...Continue reading...

How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops

Law professor Erwin Chemerinsky explains how the Supreme Court made it virtually impossible to reign in police officers who use excessive force against citizens. 


[Photo credit: Dan Backman, Creative Commons.]


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