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Clear it with SidneyHow our blog got its name >

Notes on journalism for the common good
by Lindsay Beyerstein

How our blog got its name

Sidney Hillman was a powerful national figure during the Great Depression, a key supporter of the New Deal, and a close ally of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When the rumor spread that President Roosevelt ordered his party leaders to “clear it with Sidney” before announcing Harry S. Truman as his 1944 running mate, conservative critics turned on the phrase, trumpeting it as proof that the president was under the thumb of “Big Labor.”

Over the years, the phrase lost its sting and became a testament to Hillman's influence.

It's hard to imagine a labor leader wielding that kind clout today, but we like the idea—and we hope Sidney would give thumbs up to our blog.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Infant Blood Tests Delayed, Treatments Denied

The Racist Roots of "Knockout Game" Trend Pieces

A sensible antidote to the latest round of racially-tinged "knockout game" hysteria. 

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#Sidney's Picks: Border Patrol Freezers & Child Labor Deaths

The Best of the Week's NewsContinue reading...

Ohio Walmarts Host Food Drives for Their Own Employees

Texas Doctor Peddles Unproven Cancer Treatment

Check out USA Today's expose of Stanislaw Burzynski, a Houston cancer doctor who claims he can cure cancer with compounds isolated from human urine. Burzynski is under investigation by the FDA and the Texas Medical Board for peddling (piddling?) unproven remedies and failing to report serious side effects. 

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2014 Hillman Prizes: Call for Entries Now Open

The call for entries for the 2014 Hillman Prizes is now open. The Hillman Prizes recognize outstanding achievements in socially conscious journalism in the following categories: 

1. Book (bound volumes and ebooks)

2. Newspaper Journalism (story or series/in print or online) 

3. Magazine Journalism (story or series/in print or online) 
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Introducing Hillman's Newest Judge: Ta-Nehisi Coates

It is my great pleasure to welcome the Sidney Hillman Foundation's newest judge, Ta-Nehisi Coates. This fall, Coates joined the distinguished panel of judges who adjudicate our monthly Sidney Awards and our annual Hillman Prizes. Continue reading...

#Sidney's Picks: Idaho Faith Healers Kill Kids

The Best of the Week's NewsContinue reading...

"The Fall of the House of Moon"

Everything you ever wanted to know about the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, his eccentric heirs, and the sex rituals of the Unification Church. Did I mention that Moon was crowned king of the universe in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in a ceremony attended by at least a dozen lawmakers? 

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